Reading Response Colin Powell —Amy

A quote that I feel is significant to me is, “A few weeks before, my father had come into my room, sat on the edge of the bed, and, with a twinkling eye, handed me an envelope. He had cleaned out a savings account that he and my mother had been keeping for me since I was a child.” This is important because it shows his parents would kept his savings ever since he was a young kid and his father would spend them. Even shows he is works hard no matter how hard he tries in his years before college and after college. This is important because it shows he had a good connection with his parents and his parents would save his savings where some parents wouldn’t save their child’s savings. In the quote in my own words, the quote means with a twinkle in his eye, his father had entered his room a few weeks earlier, sat on the edge of the bed, and handed him an envelope. His father and his mother had a savings account for him since he was a child. His father had used it up.

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  1. Amy, you write: his father would spend them AND His father had used it up. But you have misunderstood. It is the opposite: Colin Powell’s father had SAVED all this money for his son to have upon graduation.

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