Resilience- Anthony Clara


A struggle I faced today during my educational journey would be not having self confidence in myself and thinking i’m not smart enough to be in school. This all started the last semester of senior year in march 2022 when everyone was getting their acceptance letters for the colleges they applied for or they wanted to go to. at this time i got accepted into two colleges city tech and kings borough, didn’t know what to chose because I had this thing in my mind that I was going to take a break, but in reality I was using that as an excuse to not go to college. As time went on I was avoiding all my guidance counselors so they wouldn’t ask me if I chose what school did I pick or if I started my financial aid process, it was the end of senior year and i chose not to go to college I felt like a person like me couldn’t go to college because I wasn’t smart enough, it was hard for me to comprehend a lot of stuff, and not only that but I totally sucked in a lot of subjects.

During my time off I got a lot to think about and I finally decided to attend college. I had my two older siblings pushing me and telling me to go they gave me the motivation I needed. January 2023 I felt really nervous and was having doubts of going, even though I got the pep talk from my siblings didn’t changed the fact that I was still struggling. Once I started college the first two weeks felt like hell I didn’t think I was going to make another week in city tech, that’s when I had a talk with my mom and told her I wanted to drop out, she told me to keep pushing and to stay strong that it won’t be easy but it’s going to be worth it, and to not be ashamed that everyone has there struggles. The words of my mom and siblings definitely helped me. You may ask how did you overcome it the truth I still haven’t overcome it completely but everyday I work harder than the other day.

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  1. Gratitude to your family for continuously pushing you in your educational journey, not every family have that type of support. I utterly agree with the advice your mom gave you, “. . . it won’t be easy but it’s going to be worth it”. Life will always have obstacles and it will never be easy to overcome it, just got to keep pushing.

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