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Tip 1: The first tip that I will start using is Participation. This tip speaks to me personally because to be honest, I don’t really like to talk a lot. But after me finding out that students get graded based off participating, it just motivated me to talk more. From now on I’ll be talking more in class in order for me to get good grades. In class I used to not talk at all, because i never knew that students get graded off participation. Now I learned my lesson that participating is very important, because Class participation helps students develop important communication skills, such as speaking clearly, listening actively, and articulating their thoughts effectively.

Tip 2: My 2nd tip is “Understand Deadlines”. This tip speaks to me personally because I used to not care about deadlines, and submit all of my assignments late. Some Professors fail students that don’t respect deadlines. I will do differently now is to start respecting deadlines because a late assignment can get me an F! Respecting deadlines is important because it demonstrates to the professor that you are responsible and take their course and their expectations seriously. And lastly, deadlines are a common aspect of the professional world, and by respecting them in the classroom, you are practicing professionalism and preparing yourself for future careers.

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  1. These tips can help you improve your academic performance. The first one emphasizes the value of participating in class since it not only improves grades but also develops crucial communication skills. The second one highlights the significance of meeting deadlines because it shows responsibility and gets you ready for the workplace. By following these tips, you are actively taking steps towards achieving academic excellence.

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