Reading Response RLW – Matthew Gonzalez

” keep in mind that you’re reading to understand how the text was written—
how the house was built—more than you’re trying to determine the
meaning of the things you read or assess whether the texts are good
or bad.”

When reading this I think that this sentence really stood out to be because its trying to tell us that we need to remove the biases that we have before we read. And to really take in a reading we must first look at the way the author is trying to set up the passage for you to understand. To try to really read it the way the author would read it. To understand it’s reasoning for writing it. Not to try and comprehend it us as the reader, with our bias and different view point of the author. I think what to take from this sentence is to take a step back and really try to understand why this was written rather than how we think it was supposed to be interpreted.

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  1. OK — I think you got most of it. Really Bunn is telling us to read like an architect, like a builder. Analyze how the writer did that…How did he start his essay? How did he describe so well the part in the theatre? Use analyzing and seeing how the writer built, created, organized, structured, his piece so you can do the same as you try to improve your writing. SO THE HW instructiosn are to explain WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED and what you will do differently now. Did you see the example in ANNOUNCEMENTS? ARE YOU READING ANNOUNCEMENTS? THAT IS SUPER IMPORTANT AND ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT.

    I hope you are feeling better and can soon be back to the classroom. Late HWs are not accepted, but since you are sick I am making an exception. But you need to make sure you are not falling behind and get things done on time. I hope to see you back Monday!

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