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My name is Junell Ludovic Pierre, but you can call me Ludovic after my grandfather. Ludovic is a French name with a strong German meaning that signifies a sharp and well-known warrior. Also my last name is a common last name in Haiti and somewhat known in France as well with the meaning of “rock” or “stone”.

I was born on May 2, 2002, in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, I considered myself a nomad since I moved from one country to another. The countries where I spent the most time were the United States, Haiti, and France. But I’m officially staying in New York for school.

I finished high school at Khalil Gibran International Academy in downtown Brooklyn and attending college at New York City College of Technology. Architect was my first major, but I switched to business. Since  Business is only a two-year program at this school, it is more likely that I will transfer to another school to finish my education.

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  1. Seeing your skydiving picture pushes me a little more to get over my fear and go skydiving. After reading your post we have similar backgrounds. I was born in the city but was raised in Brooklyn.

  2. Nice to meet you, Ludovic. Your name is unique and meaningful, it’s interesting to hear about its French and German origin. It’s also great that you have a diverse cultural background, having grown up in different countries like the United States, Haiti and France. It’s admirable that you were able to adapt to different cultures and environments. It’s also great that you are pursuing a degree in Business, and have a plan in place for continuing your education after completing the two-year program at your current school. Wishing you best of luck in your studies and future.

  3. you got a name about a warrior and a last name about a stone, thats hard. i like your skydiving picture. i haven’t tried skydiving but i want to so bad. wish you the best in business and get that money.

  4. Super interesting photo, but you don’t tell us about it. Are you a skydiver?

    Interesting that you call yourself a nomad! Do you plan to stay and live in NYC — well at this young age you can go anywhere, so you might continue to be a nomad!

    Not sure why but your introduction is in large print — can you fix that?

    I love your explanation of your name. It’s an unusual name. I think you are my first Ludovic. And he is a character in Shakespeare’s Othello and he is related to Desdemona and defends her in an exchange in front of the senators. Do you know of any other Ludovics?

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