Mentor Text Analysis – Jemel Thomas

William Siu hooks his audience by introducing an issue that actually involves many people of this generation today. He uses research in the beginning few paragraphs, so readers understand his topic. He then used research after certain points he had to offer in order to back up his opinion/view. There is a decent amount of use of statistics, but he also makes sure to refer to experts on his topic to strengthen his point. Siu shares his narrative by stating the negatives he believes is associated in his issue, how he had a part in contributing to the issue and telling his readers how he changed after coming to certain realizations. His Op-ed Article begins with an issue, and at the same time involves research. He leads to introducing how he’s tied to this is issue as well as how others are affected. At the end he decides to give a solution that those affected by the issue, would be able to follow. Imagery is used to show the reader how people fall into a trap and how they could even have the issue he addresses. This article has about 1300 words and is a little more than 3 pages. Noticing the way Siu talks on his topic, along with how he provides his solution, his intended audience must be Parents of young children. As said before in the layout of his Op-ed, he closes positively with a solution that he actually uses to help himself in being a parent. William Siu’s message is that continuous gaming poses a negative impact to the development of young children. I don’t believe there are any aspects to Siu’s writing I would want to avoid. I would rather try to emulate the format that he uses so people would understand my idea just as I was able to understand his. I believe the amount of research he used can reflect the amount I will use since in an Op-Ed, it is important to use research to back up the topic or issue you’re addressing, but not so much that your Op-Ed becomes an informational piece. Finally, I want to end with my solution instead of leading through the middle of my article with it. This will make my writing more understandable, and in total, easier to look back to.

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  1. This is very very good — But Jemel — I told everyone that they CANNOT use the Op-Ed or the podcast or the Tedtalk that we discussed in class. You must choose ANOTHER one from the list of Mentor Text Op-Eds or podcasts, or Tedtalks in the Assignment sheet!

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