Genre Project Proposal – Joshua Ferdinand

  • My Research question is: How has the COVID Pandemic affect students learning loss?  
  • I’d like to remind people that learning loss is a serious issue. Students are still affected by it today. With academic difficulties or inability to concentrate. 
  • My goal is to reach out to parents, guardians, and teachers who are constantly concerned about why their children are struggling in school. So that people who don’t go to school or see what we deal with on a daily basis can understand us. 
  • I trust the Op-Ed genre is suitable for me to discuss my own experiences and information that I have encountered. So when this project came up, I felt as if I could channel my true passion into expressing myself. 
  • I intend to begin by compiling all relevant data from my previous studies. I’d like to try to get some sort of publicity, perhaps through a podcast or video, that will fit the trend in such a way that more parents, students, and guardians can see and open their eyes. 
  • I can’t say I’m concerned because anything will help, even if only two people see it as I do. This is a start. I would only fail if I did nothing and watched students continue to struggle with their learning. 
  • As of right now “Let us fight our way through the learning loss and strive for a brighter future.” this is all I have.  

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