Outline Op-Editorial – Jemel Thomas

  1. Introduction
    • Hook
      1. Question: How could Covid take away our opportunity to settle down, interact, or even keep us from confessing to our school crush?
    • The pandemic introduced dating issues
      1. You can’t meet with other people because it’s imperative that people remain socially distant
      2. Fears of other people introducing the virus to their personal group
    • Why are my audience able to relate?
      1. They have trouble finding people
      2. They don’t know how to adapt to the new dating game
  2. Research
    • Dating was different a few years back, but how?
      1. People wanted to find an easy hook-up instead of a long term relationship
      2. People wanted to go for free dates 
    • Covid’s effect on dating
      1. Singles started using dating apps/websites
      2. People are slowly getting to know the other person before committing
      3. Relationship seekers are looking only for committed relationships.
  3. My Input
    • How do I relate to the topic of dating
      1. I attempted to use dating sites 
      2. I had was in a relationship during the pandemic
      3. Why do I care?
  4. Conclusion
    • Solution
      1. Show you’re committed
      2. Make changes to how you date if you’re used to playing around when it comes to dates
    • Where is the dating game heading in my opinion
      1. A more sensible direction where people will take their time and be more serious when meeting people

2 thoughts on “Outline Op-Editorial – Jemel Thomas”

  1. Good Work

    Consider small revision here: How could Covid take away our opportunity to settle down in a relationship, interact with perspective partners, or even keep us from confessing to our school crush?

    In part3 My Input — Maybe think about these questions, but of course do not write about what you consider too personal or inappropriate — you are the judge: How did the pandemic affect your relationship? What kind of things could you do in a pandemic-romance? Did the pandemic speed up your relationship or end your relationship? Was the pandemic a factor in the break up — how, why? What was weird? What was surprisingly positive about pandemic dating or pandemic going steady?

    Where is the dating game heading POST PANDEMIC. Yeah how has the pandemic changed the dating game?

    You may want to quote some of the experts from your RAB research — right? Especially in your closing.

    ALL SUPER INTERESTING — I am looking forward to seeing what you write!

  2. I got excited after reading your outline and did a quick google search. Not that you need to do more research, but if you just want to read more to get more ideas and develop your own ideas. I think you have a super interesting topic, Jemel! I am really looking forward to reading your op-ed.






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