Outline Op-Editorial- Joshua Ferdinand

  1. Introduction  -Hook  
  2. Question: How could Covid deny us the right to learn the right way? in person rather than online. 
  3. The pandemic caused learning loss. 
  4. You cannot learn in person because we must maintain social distance in order to remain safe. 
  5. Concerns about students spreading the virus to their classmates, teachers, and staff, among others. 
  6. Why can my audience correspond to this circumstance? 
  7. They are having difficulty concentrating in class. 
  8. They don’t know how to adjust to the fact that they are now in-person schooling rather than virtual learning. 
  1. Research  
  2. School was honestly easier back then, but why? 
  3. Students didn’t have a massive learning loss? 
  4. Some students loved the pandemic so they could stay home and relax 
  5. Students cheated there was threw the pandemic schooling. 
  6. Do students like school now rather than before? 
  1. My Input 
  2. How can I put myself in the learning loss topic. 
  3. I tried studying hard and understanding the work. 
  4. I was relaxing and not so much caring when remote learning was a thing.  
  5. Why did I do that? 
  1. Conclusion  
  2. Solution 
  3. Show that you want to be there doing that work. 
  4. ask questions and be interested in the topic/work you are doing. 
  5. What is the future of learning loss my own words. 
  6. A difference in how students approach this learning loss, and for students and teachers 

1 thought on “Outline Op-Editorial- Joshua Ferdinand”

  1. Your Outline sounds like you copied ideas from Jemel’s posting. You really need to have your own plan. It’s ok to get ideas from others, and that is why I’ve asked everyone to participate in peer review (all semester long!), but when I read your outline, you don’t seem to have your own clear thinking on what you will say in an op-ed. Have you really considered what you learned in the research and what you want your message to be and who you want to reach as audience. PLEASE read through the assignment and the instructions.

    A lot of this is because you have a weak RAB and have been missing class and not doing the project in the step by step manner. Those are not good working foundations for the Unit 3 Genre project.

    Your outline lacks specifics. Look at Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s outline and see how specific her outline points are. And what specific research findings will you include?

    The entire project is actually due NOW.

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