Assignment 1 (Part G) Integrated Advertising Campaign Ideas

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to challenge students to develop integrated advertising campaign ideas based on an original print advertisement and Out-of-Home (OOH) media. Students will apply their understanding of advertising principles, creative strategy, and media planning to create cohesive campaigns that leverage both print and OOH platforms effectively.

  • Based on the your existing design of print ad and OOH of (Assignment 1 Part E) develop five integrated advertising campaign ideas that incorporate the original print ad and OOH media.
  • Each idea should have a cohesive theme, consistent messaging, and strategic alignment with the brand’s objectives.
  • Explore innovative ways to engage consumers and create memorable experiences through the integrated campaign.

1. Share your Campaign Ideas:

  • Leave your five integrated campaign ideas in the comments.
  • Ideas should include detailed explanations of the creative concepts, strategic rationale, and execution plans for both print and OOH components. (200 – 300 words max for each idea)

2. Evaluation and Reflection:

  • Following sharing of idea, we will have a peer review session where students provide constructive feedback on each other’s campaign ideas.
  • Students will reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of their own campaign ideas and consider how they could further refine their approaches.

3. Assessment Criteria:

  • Creativity and originality of integrated campaign ideas.
  • Alignment with brand objectives and target audience preferences.
  • Clarity and effectiveness of communication in the presentation.
  • Depth of strategic thinking and consideration of media placement for print and OOH components.
  • Overall coherence and feasibility of the proposed campaigns.

Due Monday 4/1


    • Dress-up Game
    • This dress up game will touch on our audience’s fondest childhood memories and open them up to the new fashions we have in store for them. This campaign will do more than simply bank on nostalgia – playing a childhood game with new fashion styles including outfits they’re very likely to wear today and can feasibly get their hands on for themselves will put a fresh spin on the concept. This might also be useful for real world outfit coordination and those who wish to match with their dolls.
    • Accessory Pop-up shop
    • This pop-up shop will sell both accessories for the buyer and matching ones for the doll. Should the buyer not have any dolls, which is very very likely for our target audience despite still enjoying the brand, this will incentivize them to buy a doll at the bare minimum. Whether it’s the advertised line or an existing one. The doll accessories will come for free with each purchase but the option to buy only the mini accessory will be available.
    • Past Bratz fashion campaign quiz
    • A quiz on the past fashion eras the bratz have undergone will be available on the website. This will remind die-hard fans of their roots and strengthen their bond with the brand. The variety of Fashion explored in the past will also soften any potential critique that the current direction the Bratz are taking is “unlike them”, or against the established brand. This quiz will also be a fun resource of interesting facts for those unfamiliar with the brand’s creative history.
    • Collab with doll-influencers on social media
    • This method will get swarms of eyes on our product, likely better than any other campaign here. It is a direct pipeline to our audience and others who might be interested. Not only will this spread the word but it will also generate hype for the product and make it clear what the public views the doll’s strengths and weaknesses are. Any critiques from the public and be rectified before official release.
    • Webisodes featuring the new fashion
    • This is another campaign that touches on old doll/toy brand behaviors. The brand has already released webisodes recently so this technique is far from unfamiliar. These webisodes will act as yet another method of opening our audience up to the new fashion styles. It will be done subtly, the Bratz will present themselves authentically whilst wearing something slightly different than usual. The episodes will also have an overarching arc around trying new things and avoiding fashion waste. Unlike the webisodes of the past however, these should be cross posted on both the brand’s site and social media.
    • Billboard Expanding on Print Ad
    • This OOH, while different, will feel like a continuation of the print ad. The elements of nature will persist in the billboard in addition to our anti-fast fashion and fashion waste message. The imagery will include a bratz girl fishing a pristine outfit out of the trash in stunned amazement. What She’s wearing will be a combination of the old style and the looks we are transitioning to, to show our movement into the next era.
  1. Pop-up Event:

    Meet other people also doing the Adventure Challenge Solo Edition book. Meet the founders of the Adventure Challenge book. Build community and share their adventure stories/experiences from doing the Adventure Challenge. Attendees will receive goodie bags of cool merchandise.


    Interactive website quiz to reveal what type of adventurer you are and a list of adventure challenges to be completed under that type. Connect with other people who also fall under that type and encourage them to join that “type of adventurer” FB group.

    Instagram post:

    Instagram post for one week, every month (each month has a theme) revealing a word in the form of a scratch off. With that word, followers come up with their own unique adventure to do surrounding that word. Followers are encouraged to post their unique challenge before the deadline (before that week is over) and the follower with the most unique adventure completed will win an Adventure Challenge polaroid camera.


    Adventure Challenge Solo Edition app for even more adventure challenges beyond the book (if users have already finished the book/challenges not in the book). Users can enter their zip code and choose to join groups in their area also doing the solo adventure challenge and who want to complete a list of adventures together instead (to build in person community).

    Monthly e-newsletter:

    Hear from the founders share their adventure goal for the month and challenge others who may want to do it as well. List of ideas for adventures for the month. An inspiring customer story of completing the adventure challenge solo edition book and how it has transformed their life.

  2. 1. Moon Man Instagram/Snapchat Filter – Astronaut concept would pop up with the galaxy behind as a background and to start up the super powers you just have to make a fist within the filter and you will start to glow and the astronaut suit will change into a different color.

    2. Moon Man Demo Play at Gamestop – Gamestop will have a booth for Xbox. Console being played on for the Moon Man Demo is the Xbox Series X. Customers can play/test out the game and see their responses to the game so far before release/buying.

    3. Moon Man Scavenger Hunt in Manhattan – On any social media platform there will be Ads posted to show where in the city of New York they are posted whether its 42nd st. or even 34 st. and each Ad on the billboard you spot will be a a clue around that specific area like a scavenger hunt, after finding it go to the next one until all clues are found to get a prize in the end. (Locations given on Social Media once a day for the next 7 days)

    4. Moon Man suit wear photo shoot – Go to a known Microsoft store that does events, they’ll have a section for Moon Man with the astronaut suit that you can try on and a photo shoot booth around it to take a picture in. A projector will also be in the booth making the background look like you’re in space when taking the picture. You can then either print the picture in any way you want and or even email the picture to yourself to save into your phone.

    5. Moon Man exclusive – Xbox live members will get a free code in their Xbox messages. Once you redeem this code you can be rewarded a Moon Man t-shirt and delivered to you with no purchase as well as an exclusive code inside the t-shirt to a pre alpha beta to play the game for 1 hour.

  3. Youthforia Campaign Ideas

    1. A video showcasing the benefits of the blush oil
    2. A pop up allowing everyone to come and try the blush oils for themselves with influencers and free oils for the first 50 people ( the pop up would mimic a science lab)
    3. Getting on the street and allowing people to test it in real time (everyone who trieste would get a free one)
    4. To push the futuristic idea, a collaboration with apple or like any big technology company that prides itself on being innovative
    5. Orr a collaboration with spotify that creates playlists based on your shade “match your makeup with your music” spotify is known for creating playlists that are extremely personal for you and youthforia creates blush that matchs your skintone (guys please dont steal this idea) 
    6. Even an ad on tik tok thats like “your for you page may know you but youthforia does it better” 
  4. Intergrated Advertising Campaign Ideas

    Mini Dance Concerts, 3 Consecutive Fridays 5-6 pm June

    Tee shirts give away. (First 100 at first event)

    Beenie hats give away. (First 100 at second event)

    Three consecutive promotional events at Byrant Park sponsored by Capezio.

    1st week: Capezio Sponsored Mini Ballet Dance Performance with Large Projector Screens

    2nd week: Capezio Sponsored Mini Contemporary Dance Performance with Large Projector Screens

    3rd week: Watch a Capezio Sponsored Fashion Shoot featuring Capezio Dancewear, Large Projector Screens, Techno Music, and fun.

    All Capezio event will be performed on the main stage at Bryant Park. Large screens and OHH will be arranged strategically on the grounds. Additional security will be provided.

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