Professor Loo | Arch 1231 D551 | Spring 2023

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Module #3 Samples

Wood Structure

Structural Grid, Calculation and Component sections
Structural Axonometric

Steel Construction

Structural Axonometric, Calculations (Optional: Connections Details)


Structural Axonometric, Calculations and Component section
Structural Axonometric
Optional: Structural Connections
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Reading Presentation Groups

Each group will be assigned two readings (see below) to present to the rest of the class during the semester. Presentations should be approximately 20-30 minutes, with all group members … Read More

Module 3


This assignment combines the development of a three dimensional representation of the selected floor(s) of the case study building and the application of a system(s) of structure to span … Read More

Module 2


This assignment focuses on the design of the exterior wall assembly for the case study building, utilizing masonry as the primary material. Each student will develop a system for … Read More

Module 1


Plans, Sections, and Elevations are the most basic drawings for studying buildings, giving clear primary information about the nature of the building. For the Module 1 drawing assignment, we … Read More