Professor Loo | Arch 1231 D551 | Spring 2023

First day reflections

It was great meeting everyone today and I am excited about continuing this journey with all of you.
Please take a minute and share your thoughts about our first class. Share something that you learned, something you are excited about, apprehensions, or anything else you would like to share.


  1. Elisabet Tolentino

    I liked it, it’s something new and I’m ready for my brain to take in new knowledge. I have learned about the degrees that shapes have and how to construct a drawing based the measurement that’s other drawings might have.

  2. Gana Elhanafy

    I enjoyed our first class, Its a great introduction to the course. I learned about the grid and I’m excited about new techniques that I will use to make more complex drawings.

  3. Herzliyya Lopez

    I loved how in our first class we were able to break down a lot of things, including the drawing of the floor plan. As well as the things we will be doing this semester. I think understanding things in this class won’t be as hard because Professor Loo knows how to take it slow and break things apart if a student does not get something.

  4. Haneen Eid

    Hey, I quite enjoyed class last week. I thought the environment was inviting and a place I can be comfortable in for the upcoming semester. I learned about diagraming a floor plan without measurements necessary which isn’t a topic I touched on before. I’m looking forward to the next class.

  5. Christopher J

    I honestly enjoyed the first class. It was a nice introduction to the course and the atmosphere felt really relaxing which is really nice for a studio class. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester and seeing how things go. I also learned the breakdown of the class and how things would typically go which is nice to know.

  6. Ishrat Jahan

    I enjoyed that we were not talking about many things at once, it was one by one we were moving forward with that discussion. I also wanted to know how items are breakable and easy to understand in the open lab. I heard that building technology is hard. But I enjoyed it throughout the jokes. Looking forward to learning more about buildings and getting my hand tight on drawing even more.

  7. Karen Yascaribay

    I enjoyed our first class and all the things we went through during the introduction of this course. I’m excited to start working and learning new techniques that we will use in our drawings.

  8. Ariana Roman

    The class was entertaining, I’m willing to gain more knowledge in the field that I choose. In the last semester, I learned about a floor plan but not as detailed as this class taught me in the first class. Another thing that I learned is that each floor plan has a measurement at the bottom and no matter the size of the paper the drawing will always have the same measurements.

  9. David Delgado

    The first class introducing was good. A lot of information was given, I have high hopes of being able to learn new techniques in drawing. Really excited to learn more about the floor plans and sections, seeing more way’s to extract drawings. I have learned about how to construct a drawing based the measurement and different geometric shapes to easily draw floor plans.

  10. Susan

    The class was interesting and fun as the lecture goes on. I learned that all building structures start building on different layers and system. I’m really interest in learning how to built any building structure in this class.

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