TOGAF is an Open Group Standard which is the open Enterprise Architecture standard which is used by the leading organizations of the world towards improving the overall business efficiency. To obtain the highly professional TOGAF certification, you have to clear the specialized TOGAF exam. If you are willing to contribute significantly to any organization in the field of architecture, then you can avail for the special Simplilearn’s TOGAF Certification. Here, you can get access to several TOGAF practice tests, exam questions, sample papers, informative videos, and others to help you clear the TOGAF entrance exam in the first shot itself.

TOGAF Certification Course Objectives

The TOGAF certification program by Simplilearn helps the candidates in mastering the core principles, concepts, terminologies, and the overall structure of the TOGAF exam –which is the global framework for the EA (Enterprise Architecture). TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) certification course offered by Simplilearn is recognized as one of the most important requirements for enterprise architects of the worldwide organizations. The specialized Simplilearn’s TOGAF Certification course of the latest version is aimed towards meeting the specific requirements of the TOGAF certification program that help the candidates in passing the given exam in the first attempt.

Key Features of the TOGAF Certification Course

When you avail the special Simplilearn’s TOGAF certification course, you get an access to a host of helpful tutorials and test papers that prepare you well for the upcoming TOGAF exam. Here are some of the important features of the special Simplilearn TOGAF certification course:

  • Intensive Training: The given certification course for enterprise architects follow an intensive 32 hours of training which is led by some of the highly qualified and experienced instructors in the given field.
  • Self Learning: If you wish to achieve self learning, the course structure offers around 21.5 hours of self-paced learning for the overall development of the necessary skills of an individual.
  • Best Preparation: With access to several TOGAF reference cards and word puzzles, the candidates are ensured of the best preparation being offered to them.
  • Accredited Course: The given course of TOGAF certification by Simplilearn has been accredited by the Open Group standards for TOGAF.
  • Overall Preparation: Consisting of several Simplilearn TOGAF practice test papers and quizzes at the end of every chapter, the TOGAF certification course by Simplilearn aims to prepare the candidates in the best possible manner.
  • Corporate Training Solutions: The course aims to offer high-end corporate certification & training course which covers the major aspects of all that need to studies under the TOGAF course. There is the provision of blended learning delivery model, Enterprise-class Learning Management system, enhanced reporting, and 24/7 teaching assistance & support.

Benefits of Professional TOGAF Certification

When you avail the professional TOGAF Certification course from Simplilearn, there are several benefits that you achieve out of the same. EA (Enterprise Architecture) is a specialized professional field that is usually associated with leading organizations of the world. Enterprise Architecture with respect to the organization is concerned about the overall optimization of the available IT resource. It is mainly directed at motivating the invested amount of money towards strategic systems, instead of wasting the same on short-term objectives.

One of the most important advantages offered by the particular TOGAF certification for any individual is that in the current scenario, the employers are constantly looking for certified professionals in certain fields in almost all the leading organizations of the world. A certified professional is able to work directly for manufacturers, retailers, banks, and other similar organizations. A certified professional might even offer expert EA consultancy. The world now is observing several organizations of the globe hiring certified EA specialists to contribute majorly to their working structures.

Given the high need of professional, trained workforce in the field of EA, it is vital that the aspiring candidates should obtain the needed TOGAF certification. If you are looking for reliable TOGAF certification, then you can obtain the same from Simplilearn’s TOGAF Certification course.

Importance of TOGAF Certification

Introduction to the professional TOGAF certification helps the big organizations, including both private as well as public sectors, towards bringing about the standardization of the open method of the IT architecture. As such, there are immense advantages of the TOGAF certification that can be availed by the professionals all around the world. If you are looking forward to make it big in any leading organization of the world, then you can stand out from the rest by obtaining this TOGAF certification. Under this course, the candidates are given proper classes and training to become an expert in the field of EA. TOGAF training will help in the demonstration of the level of professionalism in the field of architectural processes and principles by the employers. Ensure the best in your career through TOGAF certification!