Spotlight on: Gale Virtual Reference Library

Let’s say that it’s 2am, and you’re deep in the middle of a research paper. Suddenly you hear the Professor’s voice in your head – “Don’t use…Wikipedia!”
But without Wikipedia, where can we swiftly glean that kind of detailed, fact-filled information – the exact height of a mountain, or the batting average of a 1950’s-era baseball star? For these types of facts, we can turn to a reference source!
Finding Reference Sources 
An encyclopedia, atlas, biographical listing, or dictionary is a great place to find that type of information. And while many of these print sources are on the shelves at the Ursula C. Schwerin Library, today we’ll look at a handy form of electronic reference – Gale Virtual Reference Library!

This robust database is searching through hundreds of encyclopedias, ebooks, and more – all at once! It’s a great place to find information about:

  • Short biographies of notable figures
  • World religions
  • Country-specific details, such as population, GDP, and governance structure.
  • So much more!

In conclusion –  if you’re seeking background information, give the Gale Virtual Reference Library a try! Just log in with the library barcode number, on your activated CityTech ID.