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Podcast Response

The podcast was very rewarding to listen too. The speaker had a lot of information and worked with it really well yo get the point across clear and consiece. The was a strong focus on community that I really loved because not many podcast dive into it and are mostly used for a entertainment aspect but here the podcast is being used as a information source to help people understand the game that everyone plays in new developments

Urban Walking

How is change managed in a city, and who manages that change? Do people have a “right” to the city?

“Change” within cities come about when there is a shift of ideas and ideals to make a profit from the land that is currently being used to bring communities together. From the films we watched there was one command trend that I observed. Where ever there was a possibility to make a profit and drive out the lower class is when the “city” would push to implement change. Not everyone can be pleased when change happens especially the people that it affects however, the victim to these changes should have a strong influence on how this change is implemented because the future of these cities rely on how people interact with the cities and its environment.