December milestones for the podcast project

Today in class groups worked on their scripts, and most were able to determine dates, times, places, and equipment needs for podcast recording.  On Thursday, groups should be prepared to offer a status update for their podcast scripts. Any groups that wish to use the library’s equipment or spaces for podcast recording (especially outside of class meeting times) should let Prof. Leonard know their plans via email, OpenLab message, or in-class communication. The library’s Multimedia Resources Center has USB headsets with microphones and iPad Minis you can borrow. The free Anchor app lets you record and edit podcasts on your phone or tablet.

December 11: in class time to rehearse and record; finalize technical production; podcast scripts due at the beginning of class.
December 13 is reading day! Time and space for group work is available though classes do not meet
December 18: Podcast listening part I
December 20:Podcast listening part II; all content must be posted on OpenLab project site; reflections & wrap-up

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