Podcast listening schedule this week

By now most everyone has indicated when you plan to introduce your podcast. If your group has not, please do so by commenting on this post before the start of class today. The schedule is below. All project site administrators should make sure that all of your work appears on the OpenLab project site by no later than the beginning of class on Thursday.

Tuesday, December 18:
Large Scale Architecture: Davit, JP, Mirna, Sabrina
Gentrification Breaking into our Homes: Daniela, Maricel, Edith, Ralph

Thursday, December 20:
Urban Evolution: Anesha, Donna, Zu Qiang
Social Effects of Development: Saqif, Terry, ChuXin
Investigating Public Space: Renso, James, Giuseppe
Urban Design: Ericka, Katherine, Chimdiebube, Joel

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