Research journal blog post

What I learned  for the past few weeks was that there are many ways to search for a specific information. Honestly, I always thought there were just one or two ways: go on Google or use its advanced search engine called Google Scholar and type for any keywords that is familiar to the topic you are looking for. When I was in this class however, I learned that there are a lot more ways and search engine program that are more accurate and useful that Google. For instance, a library database such as EBSCO and  CQ. Both of them has given me great results for searching  for my topic.  Unlike normal search engine like Google, most of the articles that they  suggested me where relevant to my topic. The only thing I hated about using those advanced internet searching proggram was the fact that some of the articles had to be purchased  in order to read it completely. But overall, thanks to this class, my searching skills has improved. I feel more confident searching for my topics because its now fast and easy to do so.

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