Research Journal Entry #2

Dear Journal,

So far, my research is going well. I found an actual copyright website which allows you to submit your idea so it can be protected. The site is like a whole new world with many sights to see. One source can lead to other sources. Luckily, led me to more information. Of course I have to find sources other than the internet. I went to some libraries close to my home and found some good books. I left them in my home so I really don’t remember the titles. Anyway, my spring break could of been better. Wanna know why? My stupid home computer couldn’t translate my topic proposal. Sucks, doesn’t it? Prof. Leonard is probably pissed off at me for not submitting my final proposal. I hope she doesn’t have anything in store for me. In other words, I better submit that proposal and hope for the best.


Virgilio Samo III

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