Research and the Power of Knowledge

There is so much information that is waiting to be discovered. How do we get all the information that we need? The answer is to simply research them. Research has provided us an golden opportunity to learn many new things that are, at first, out of our reach. Some discoveries were made based on earlier theories we developed while others were made by accident. In education, universities spent countless hours researching topics that do not have any solutions to them. Their research can be costly and it can a point when funding alone is not enough. Science isn’t the only place that research is conducted. It can also happen in the fields of literature, history, mathematics, economics, and so forth.

Aaron Swartz’ use of the internet which, according to him, opens new doors to limitless knowledge. With technology gradually advancing day by day, new discoveries started to emerge. Of course, nothing is complete in a short period of time. Research time can vary, ranging from days to even years of continued work. Even old problems from early human history have problems that yet to be solved. Will new problems rise to present us a challenge? Can we ever resolved long-term issues of our past? One way to answer those questions is to keep working and to do more research.

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