Plagiarism is a serious matter in collegiate instances. Presenting words from someone else in your own work is plagiarism. However, if you were to quote the words you “borrowed” and accredited the owner, then you get away clean. I think plagiarism can easily be avoided. All you have to do is give credit for all words that aren’t originally yours. Be sure to mention where they came from in your bibliography page, or as a reference. I don’t believe plagiarism is such a big issue anymore, at least not for me. The works i present as my own are my words, if I so happen to use someone else’s words, I give them the credit they deserve.

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One Response to Plagiarism

  1. Try to look at plagiarism on a bigger scale rather than just text documents. What about considering something as plagiarism if two people have the same ideas. One person is a celebrity & the other an average citizen. Suppose the citizen publicizes a theory about something that shares the same exact theory of the celebrity without being aware of this celebrity. Is the citizen going to be criticized for copying just because the celebrity has a bigger fan base? Who came up with the theory first? Does it matter?

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