Blog post for 2/19

The internet is such a popular and useful invention with it we have created a place where you can get answers to almost any question, connect with other people anywhere in the world, and collaborate your knowledge and compare it with others to determine what is true. With websites like YouTube, Wikipedia, and social networking sites the internet has also become a dangerous place. I believe there is always a risk versus reward factor to every action and in this case every innovation we make as a society. Wikipedia is a very useful tool when you want to learn about something new but there is a huge downside to this tool. Unlike a database where everything is monitored by trusted historians or professionals of certain fields there are no such limits in Wikipedia they will let any person edit this page. While there are people who are right there are some that are wrong and some that just want to mess with people and add incorrect information for self-enjoyment. I have been questioning just how much farther we can go in this field of technology I feel like we are reaching our limits or maybe I am wrong and this is just the beginning only time will tell and I am excited to be part of this day and age.

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