This article was interesting enough because I never knew what a zine was. I’m a fan of underground works. I don’t really favor mainstream creations. This all started from listening to music. I disregard what’s on the radio & try to find a new sound whether it’s from a blog or by word of mouth. I guess this characteristic carried over to other creative production. Reading a zine seems like a nice way to get inspired. As a person, I look for inspiration everyday. There are so many cool people on the planet that have interesting voiced opinions that we all can relate to more or less. I’d definitely want to get my hands on a few zines if possibly. Lately I’ve been book hungry, looking for something to catch my mind. I like the fact that no rules apply to the production of zines. Freedom of expression is limitless, & that I highly respect. Need to say, freedom of expression does come with a price of raw & rational ideas, which may affect readers. I guess keeping an open mind is a must while consuming zines. Professor Leonard did mention a trip about going to a zine collection, rather interesting as I may attend, Lord willing.

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