Blog 3 Digital Media, non-text

I would have to say most of the information i retain daily is non-textual. What I mean is that i listen to music, as well as watch music videos more than I actually read. The difference is when I read its mainly for academic purposes. Whereas when I’m listening to music or watching videos it’s for my personal enjoyment. According to Pavlik the production of music and videos (multimedia) has gone from huge companies to everyday citizens, due to the evolution of technology. I can relate because my brother and a few of his friends produce their own music on youtube and other websites such as bandcamp and datpiff. New technology has made it possible for people to expose themselves and or their ideas to the world. Its just up to consumers to decide what they find interesting. Sisario refers to muve music as a possible alternative to music piracy. I honestly believe there’s no resolution to music piracy. I have never paid for any music, yet my ipod has over 4000 songs.

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