Lab Report 7 Week 8 ( i think)



OBJECTIVE:    We would try to see how Python works in the Blender Game Engine

MATERIALS:   Blender Python Engine, Python API manual, Professor Baker


Open up Blender, instead of logic editor go to Python Console

Go to and under Education and Help open Python AP1 2.6

Listen to Baker as he goes through the basics of Python


I didn’t get to try much stuff out but I learnt that:

Variables are nouns. Functions are verbs

Get is more like the input

Return type is more like the output,

Not all inputs have an output, deal with it.

Python itself is the controller.

There are various ways of tweaking the performance of the game from setting the frames per second to…. something else I can’t remember right now.

DISCUSSION: Again I didn’t get to do much but I’m somewhat optimistic about learning Python, I hope I can grasp the language and use it to animate in Blender.

Mike and Wale Storyboard


Scene 3

Scene 2

Scene 1


Jpeg and Gif showdown.

Jpeg Image

GIF Image



My Bio:Wale…i hardly knew me.

Name: Adewale “Wally” Raji

Bio: Born September 1st , (year withheld) Washington DC. Was raised primarily in Nigeria where my parents are from till I was 13. Like apples, if I were to be poisoned, I’ll hope it’s something made out of apples, would still eat it if I knew it was poisoned. Self proclaimed movie critic.  I liken myself to Hank Hill from King of the Hill. I’m fascinated with technology. I hold Larry Brown, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs and more recently Elon Musk in high regard. I love steak. Like the quote from Bruce Lee “ A teacher spares his pupil from his influence” (or was it prejudice?)

Trigger Keyword – Rudolf, Lissette, and Manish

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Here is the link to our group’s website for Super Research Man!

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Study Guide for Easy College Life- Carla, Sebastian, Yan

Survival webpage-Randell, Nityah, Wale

Countdown to next week’s presentations

Just a few notes before we wrap things up for the semester:

Don’t forget that each student is responsible for a self evaluation and a group evaluation. See step #7 in the online documentation guidelines:

Evaluate your work on this project and the work of the other students in your group.
Self evaluation (minimum 200 words):
Group evaluation (minimum 200 words):
Each student in your group is responsible for writing an evaluation of her/his own work on this project and the work of others in her/his group. Please answer all of the following questions in your evaluations:
What project tasks did you complete on your own? How would you describe the amount of effort you put into your work on this project? What do you think your strengths were in your work on this project? How could you improve your work on this project?
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A few of you still have some late work to turn in. I’ll accept late papers, etc. until the end of the day next Wednesday, 12/21.

Good luck, everyone! As always, if you have any questions about the documentation and presentation assignments, get in touch with me by email, and please do not wait until Sunday night. Be sure that one group member posts a link to your group’s project on the course blog by 10 am on Wednesday, 12/21.

~Prof. Leonard