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Adventure Trailer

The Writer’s Block – Shadow Enemies










Creatures of the darkness lurk around the world hiding in the shadows which also harnesses their energy, these creatures from the shadows have the ability to transform into any form of threat possible. It would have been pretty boring for players if their isnt an a villian or series of enemies that sole purposes is to make sure you fail at completing your mission. Of course they’re will also be the occasional bosses that once defeated will unlock the ability to the next level. These monster’s are called the ”Blocks” hence they are the writers block that prevent you from growing your idea.

YOU are the Hero



Your allowed to customize and create your own character, the choices of what your given are endless. But remember your also writing your own plot, creating a story that leads into the player’s destiny. Beware on what choices you make because if you don’t focus, and research first on changes that will be happen to your character. you might suffer when the ending comes.

Growth of a Hero


Through thorough discussion and detail oriented thought collection, we decided to work on a puzzle/adventure style game with two educational ideas on what it means to successfully research and document information. The game focuses in a fantasy world where the user has the ability to manipulate his/her surroundings with elaborate animations. Our team searched for some references on any possible games that may have already achieved this goal and found quite a few that also feature the same game style. However, our game plan is to create an even greater feature which will give the player the ability to control their own destiny. Players will have the opportunity throughout the journey, in which they will be given a summary of the situation/dilemma that plagues the character. The player is unaware  of future events, but what can be controlled is the ability to drastically alter your future, thus providing  multiple endings to the story.  In addition, gamers play the role of the narrator of the character’s story. This helps develop research ideas in the person’s mind. One of the most common problems in conducting successful research is the starting point of the actual process. This game focuses on helping players break that mental block and develop creative skills that can be applied to basic research documentation.