Darya, Kevin | Topic: Historical aspect of the Build Environment

TOPIC: Historical Aspect of Build Environment of Vinegar Hill area. What was on the NYCHA property before Farragut Houses.  Why old houses where demolished? 

I have learned: 

– common information of land changes from late 18th century till nowadays.

– map transformation. Old streets, alleys and small roads. Their conditions and history.

– names of the land, streets, objects

– commercial, industrial and residential changes on the land.

– images of the old land comparing to nowadays pictures

– process of demolishing old “slum” houses

– process of construction of Farragut Houses

– first tenants, rent price and applicants. News articles on this topic in 1946-1955.

– process of construction of Church of the Open Door, demonstrations.

– Farragut Houses renovations

Want to say:

We want to describe the historical changes on the land of Vinegar Hill and particular on the land of Farragut Houses. The condition of the houses that were there before project, their conditions, owners and quality. Why they where considered as a “slum”. What buildings were important for the area but were still destroyed.

Additional: I want to show the historical changes of the land in the Vinegar Hill area including description of streets, names, popular places. I want to go deeper into the illustration to bring the idea how it was to leave at that area in different centuries, how expensive was the land, where did people work, where did they live and where did they go out. Hopefully I will be able to connect topics from other groups to create a full picture of the area. I know that this idea will be hard for realization. I hope I can make at least some part of the work I’m planning.

I need to learn further:

We want to go deeper into the details of the history of the area of Farragut Houses, conditions of the old houses that were there before, their age, important names and constructions of the area. Changes throughout of years. Also I want to find more information about changes in Farragut Houses, what was added and what was changes.


  1. Research on names of the owners of the land in the 18th century
  2. Research on streets in articles and important places.
  3. Cultural changes.
  4. Image of the site back in a day.



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