5 questions

  1. Redefine your topic as narrowly as possible

My topic is to focus on the current and future of New York City public housing. We will be focusing primarily on the Farragut houses located at Vinegar Hill.

2.What have you learned about the topic? Be sure you can document & cite sources.

So far what I’ve learnt is NYCHA is very behind in maintenance work and they do not respond to the residents complaints. I’ve also learnt that they are special zoning depending on the land value and public housing are only built in certain neighborhoods. I am very curious to find out why with additional research.

3.What do you want to say about the topic?

For our topic we want to focus narrowly on the Farragut Housing although we will still be doing research on about the New York City Housing Authority.

4.What do you still need to do/know/research to accomplish #3

we still need to research how much rent the residents that live in the Farragut houses pay, whether of not NYCHA accepts section 8 vouchers, how long does NYCHA takes to call you back after one applies, how is qualified to apply to live in the Farragut houses and why does NYCHA takes so long to respond to the residents’ needs.

5.What is your game plan?

Since we will actually get to speak and speak to a NYCHA representative on Monday our plan is to get as much information as we can since that will be an excellent primary source  to get direct first hand information.

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