MAT1375 Precalculus, Spring 2024

Lee | D379 | Spring 2024

News: Test 2

Hello class,

It is important to remind you all that WeBWorK counts for 25% of your overall class grade. That means if you produce zero WeBWorK over the course of the semester, your maximum grade can only go up to a C… and that is with 100% on every test.

Speaking of tests, our second test is going to take place on Monday April 1st. Please bring a TI-84+ calculator, as it is a requirement for the test. You will also not receive a test paper unless you submit your internet-enabled electronic devices (phones, smartwatches, Google glasses,etc. )

I am posting a version of Practice Test 2. Warning: This is not a replacement for test 2. If you need extra questions, you may use Final Exam Review or WeBWorK.

Note: If you find any incorrect answers, do not hesitate to post a response in this thread to alert the rest of the class, or email me.

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