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Assignment 13 for December 7

It should be clear that final research projects are due on December 7th. If you have any questions concerning, expectations,  requirements, guidelines, etc. please email me:

There are 2 items to post before class on the 7th. They are:
(1) a PDF of your presentation. This should be the same document that you will use to deliver your presentation, exported from PowerPoint, InDesign, or whatever program you use to design it.
(2) your bibliography, also saved as a PDF. Remember, in addition to class readings, you must include 10 sources from library databases.

Both of these items should be uploaded as a single Post.

If you would like to pre-record your presentation, please also include a link to your recording in that post. Note: this must be submitted in addition to the PDF of your presentation.

It sounds like we’ll have some very interesting presentations in the next couple of weeks. Please be ready to start promptly at 6:00 on the 7th!

Assignment 12 for November 30

For our final reading assignment you will be responsible for reading two articles from Graphic Design Theory. More on that below.

The written portion for this week will not be a direct response to the readings. Instead, your assignment will be to post (1) “sketches” of your poster and (2) a working bibliography.

You can interpret sketches literally and/or loosely; include actual drawings, outlines of material, or brainstorms of related ideas. The bibliography can include relevant assigned readings, but it must also include at least 6 outside sources.

Back to the readings…again, you must read two articles from Graphic Design Theory, but this week you will decide which ones you would like to read. You may choose from:

Kenya Hara, Designing Design (2007):

Jessica Helfand, Dematerialization of Screen Space (2001):

Kalle Lasn, Design Anarchy (2006):

Ellen Lupton and Julia Lupton, Univers Strikes Back (2007):

Lev Manovich, Import/Export, or Design Workflow and Contemporary Aesthetics (2008): 

Dmitri Siegel, Designing Our Own Graves (2006):

Jan Van Toorn, Design and Reflexivity (1994):

Feel free to email me with any project-related questions that might come up through the week.

Assignment #11

As far as understanding the scene of underground craftsmanship and underground plan culture going mainstream, there must be a comprehension of why there is a subculture in any case. Since the start of design away from mainstream ideals, there has been a need to test existing known limits. Designers and trend-setters needed to make something that challenges the norm.

Developments like the avante-garde, cubism, and surrealism helped guide their plans to make ideas that caught a particular segment that floated towards the individuals who were similar in their standards. an everlasting problem is the emulating of a loved action or pieces from the culture. Doing this can cause it to launch into “mainstream-hood.” This relates to my project as in typophoto its common for a particular style to be recycled and copied millions of times. For instance, movie posters are a prime example of this.

Assignment 11 for November 23

Our next reading will be a short essay by Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground Mainstream. Here is a PDF:

Note that our response to this text includes a minor, but important, variation from our usual format: you must include 3-4 sources accessed through library databases. (Jstor and Ebsco ebooks are both great but you should explore a few.)

Here is your prompt:
How, according to Heller, is the concept of mainstream vs. underground relevant in contemporary design? Where do the designs or the designer that you’ll be addressing for your final presentation fit into this dichotomy? What sort of underground designs influenced the work in question? In what ways has the work in question shaped the mainstream? Or how will it do so in the future? Provide full citation information for at least 3-4 sources from the library to support your response.

Part of the goal for this assignment is to make some progress on your final. We’ll check in on that progress in class on the 23rd.

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