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Assignment 11 Michael Desmangles

In terms of understanding the world of underground art and underground design culture going to the mainstream, there has to be an understanding of why there is a sub culture in the first place. Since the beginning of design there has been a need to push the envelope. Designers and innovators wanted to create something that challenges status quo. Movements like the avante garde, cubism, and surrealism helped usurer there was an idea to create concepts that captured a specific demographic that gravitated towards those who were like-minded in their ideals. Underground subcultures were spaces in which likeminded peers were able to express themselves freely without a filter or a quota.

However the inherit issues with a subculture of an underground art group is that people talk. Friends of friends of friends will speak about and then it will become more common and a lot more people will be aware of its ideas and latch on to it. Companies will adopt concepts that might be very controversial and sanitize them and its messages and use it for aesthetic purposes. The example given in the text was the psychedelic movement of the late 60s and 70s. Although the war on drugs was still prevalent during that time the aesthetic it brought were used for designs and campaigns by major cooperations.

To refer this to my project a lot of indie movies and low budget movies used either horror or sexualization to promote their movies. The misogynistic ways in which mainstream media promoted their movies. Women were used in very scantily clad clothing because in the market sex sold well in the early 2000s.

Michael Desmangles Assignment 6

In all three of the articles a central theme of change is present throughout. The emphasis of analysis and careful plotting and planning is at the forefront of most of the discussion and it shown to replace the old of design which was “pretty”. Gerstner is the one that explains the mathematical formula of design he states “The typographic grid is a proportional regulator for composition, tables,
pictures, etc. It is a formal programme to accommodate x unknown items.
The difficulty is: to find the balance, the maximum of conformity to a rule
with the maximum of freedom.” The point of creating the grid and creating the morphological box of typogram is the organize the exact purpose of your design. The components down to its size, color, and purpose. This emphasis of grid layouts is explained further with Brockmann.

Brockmann philosophy is centered around using grid layouts to simplify and clarify the design. The complexity of the grid layout is simply to organize the layout of the typography so it’s easier and more concise to the viewer. He states ” Constructivist design that is capable of analysis and reproduction can
influence and enhance the taste of a society and the way it conceives forms
and colors.” In a way Brockmann believes that the grid layout leads itself to being more visually appealing while also not compromising clarity in the design itself. Which is also echoed in Tschichold article as well stating “Above all, a fresh and original intellectual approach is needed, avoiding all standard solutions”

Assignment 4 Michael Desmangles

This section of this assignment talks about the importance of distinguishing the tool of design to the designer the bauhuus . The first article focuses on typography while the second article focuses on typography and photography, and finally the last article was more complicated and it focuses on the process of The Bauhuus. The Bauhuss is to explore the creative aspects to designs and help students develop there skills. Introducing ways to sole unique problems with architecture and design.

Typophoto deals with the idea of creating a piece that combines typography and photography into a uniform use of communication and it was stated by Lazlo that “Typophoto is the visually most exact rendering of communication.” It is used to send an exact message with an exact purpose in mind. Typography in it’s media is used in service of the viewer. The goal for most designers is to find away to use typography in whatever to convey a message. It was explained that talks of a uniform easy to understand message was the goal in most forms of typographic designs. To exceed all language barriers to convey the message to anyone who has seen it.

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