It should be clear that final research projects are due on December 7th. If you have any questions concerning, expectations,  requirements, guidelines, etc. please email me:

There are 2 items to post before class on the 7th. They are:
(1) a PDF of your presentation. This should be the same document that you will use to deliver your presentation, exported from PowerPoint, InDesign, or whatever program you use to design it.
(2) your bibliography, also saved as a PDF. Remember, in addition to class readings, you must include 10 sources from library databases.

Both of these items should be uploaded as a single Post.

If you would like to pre-record your presentation, please also include a link to your recording in that post. Note: this must be submitted in addition to the PDF of your presentation.

It sounds like we’ll have some very interesting presentations in the next couple of weeks. Please be ready to start promptly at 6:00 on the 7th!