Required Tools: Camera, using manual settings
Location: Inside/Outside
Duration: 45 minutes

This week’s lab session will explore the idea of a photographic series. We’ll all create images that are connected visually and conceptually. 

Together we will create a very quick series, defined by the same overly-simple parameters; we’ll make photographs of every door or window in our respective homes. 

Take pictures of every door and window in your living space with your camera set to Manual (via the Lightroom app if using your phone). Photograph from directly in front with the frame of the portal square to the frame of your camera. If there are interesting items on a windowsill, frame your shot to include those things. Don’t be afraid to move those things around to improve the shot. Go outside to photograph from the exterior…if you can, and if it will make an interesting shot. 

As you shoot, adjust your exposure to balance the interior and exterior light. Be deliberate about your decisions to emphasize interior details or the scene outside. Turn lights on or off accordingly. Most importantly: take your time composing each shot, and shoot multiple images of each door or window. 

Our theme is deceptively simple. A typological series such as this one can be fascinating if properly executed. But when done poorly…

Shoot at least 30-40 images and upload them to Flickr. Share your best with our group.