Photography 1

COMD 1340 | Section OL62 | Spring 2021

Assignment 4 for March 2

New Visions

The goal for this assignment is to compose new and exciting pictures of the world by positioning yourself and your camera in different or interesting places. Use diagonal lines to lead us through your compositions. Work with the edges of the frame to keep our eyes moving. Transform the ordinary into something fascinating.

Once again, shoot and upload 40-50 images, then share your best 4-5 with the group.

Lab – Week 4 – Dynamism

Required Tools: A camera
Location: Outside of your home
Duration: 35-40 minutes


The frame begins as a tool for making selections. It can become a tool for distorting, warping, magnifying, metamorphosing, twisting or turning. It can become a tool for abstracting. It can transform everyday objects into mysterious entities. 

Photograph abstractions from everyday life. Position yourself and your camera in such a way that the world appears new and different. 

Photograph from the bird’s eye view and the worm’s eye view. Come as close to objects as your lens will allow. Experiment with different focal lengths and zoom settings if your camera contains these possibilities. Turn your lens to invert forms or to defy gravity. Make straight lines diagonal. Find the points at which the world converges or diverges.

You should shoot at least 20-30 images and upload them to Flickr. Share your best 3-4 with our group. Create a new post in our OpenLab course with your best image.

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