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COMD 1340 | Section OL62 | Spring 2021

Final Series – My F.I.N.A.L.P.H.O.T.O

This here is a series of pictures that spells out to one thing. I call it slow shutter art. Taking advantage of the night time, I used a slow shutter speed of 3.2s and a light source to draw out the shape of the letters by moving the camera to create a light motion blur to create my letters.


Final Series – My series is about nature !

This series is about nature. I decided that I would walk around my neighborhood and think about what pictures I can take that would have to deal with nature. So while I was walking around I decided that I would take pictures of trees since it has to do with nature. Trees gives us life and oxygen. Also I took pictures of the sunset and streets since it also has to deal with nature !

Yanping Liang Final series

The series of photos I took are portraits of cats, and the works were shot with cats as the protagonist of the creation. It is a portrait shot taken outdoors. The sunlight at noon and the shadows under the trees were used for shooting. The shadows formed by the trees in this series of works create many different levels of visual experience, which are perfectly displayed on the characters.

Infanint James Final Series

These photos are a set series of the behind the scenes and some head portraits of Chibith0t, a known cosplay girl, posing as as the black Starfire. My series showcase the serious side of the cosplay character, and some diff angles of the environment she works in. In which we later then turn into a animated scene using photoshop and other graphic programs. These demonstrate lighting, framing, posing, colors and some after cropping via lightroom.

Final series-Darren Le

NYC Bio-architecture by Sugimoto

The photos inspired me to make square windows for houses and buildings


As I’ve begun shooting, I’m thinking about the screen’s series of windows. I am trying to imitate the long exposure style I was inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto so, the Japanese photographer’s work spanning decades and, rather than looking for capturing the illusion of the final moment. 

Final Series by Yvan Zoniaba

For this series, I aimed to create/capture a sense of time by depicting how it will affect a subject, the tree. As the day went by and reached nighttime, the images present how a beautiful, varied light setting and contrast are being created each time and consequently creates different layers and facette to the tree. It is important to note that the viewers attention should not be concentrated on the tree but instead on the sky in the background where all the magic happens.

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