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Emmanuel DeWalt Learning Log #3

At first I was gonna walk by but when I saw her taking a picture with her dog something told me afterwards that there was gonna be a great shot and the look of the dog with the women pushing her hair back became that great shot with a good composition.

It was hard to choose just one but this is also one of my favorite photos because not only was the lady so nice to let me take the picture, I got a great smile out of it too.


Emmanuel DeWalt Learning Log #2

For this photo I used a 105.0 mm zoom with the lens and it was set to a f/5.8 aperture. This photo was originally dark but I edited the photo in lightroom to bring up the exposure. I also wanted the blue to pop more so I used the temp slider and moved it to be more of a cooler tone that way it really shows the outside light that was illuminating from the window.

Emmanuel DeWalt- Homework 2 Photoville

Photoville is an event that presents work from different photographers in 90 different photography exhibition and outdoor installations. There are visuals both challenging and entertaining all from a diverse group of people that way you get a different feel from each photo exhibition. I had a great experience because this was my very first time going to a photography exhibition and my view of photography was changed. Usually you would just take a picture and maybe find one meaning but this exhibition had photos where there was more than one meaning which made the photos 100 times more interesting. Three photos in particular caught my eye because if their composition, color and exposure.

Photo 1

In this photo where it’s respective exhibition was made took look specifically at the focus of the photo, I really think this photo captured that design. I was interested because the focus on the middle subject a mysterious look almost like you are wondering what it is and what is it going to do. The field of snow gives the photo a nice surrounding.

Photo 2

This was the very first photo that caught my eye because I feel like a different color light gives off a certain emotion and feel to the area. This photo uses a red light and the smoke that gives off a nice nightlife feeling. You might see it as club hours around 9 or 10 o clock. The subject face in the photo is engulfed in the smoke making you curious about who he is.

Photo 3

I have always liked the technique of using long exposures and this photo from the Korean exhibition really takes the cake. It was said that this was the President of Korea where she started to lose face and the long exposure really captures that. It’s like she is split into two and her face is not visible. You can say it’s like she has a split personality and the way she used to be is still there but is starting to ve taken over by other feeling.

Learning Log #1

I shot this photo using 1/500 sec, f/4.0 using ISO 100 and used the shadow to create a look almost like the leaves are engulfing him into the dark part of the park to give off a feeling where the subject is deep within thought. Soon the subject will step out into the dark and into the light that is on the other side where the street is.

Homework #1 Francesco Gola

The photographer that I chose was Francesco Gola who is a landscape photographer. In his bio he said that he loves the art form of nature and his work shows it. The way his photos look it really pops out to you almost like it was perfectly painted. The blue is the real eye catcher with it’s realistic look it really what makes the photo what it is.  The photo that has the red is nicely contrasted with the blue and gives the photo that warm and cool feeling. The lighthouse in the back makes you feel like your actually in the photo and you’re entering a spooky and abandoned place.