Stanley Kubrick Exhibit – Extra Credit

Stanley Kubrick was a photographer turned filmmaker. He began taking pictures at an early age for Look Magazine, where he captured the highs and lows of his hometown, New York City, during the postwar era. A lot of his pictures look very spontaneous and (rightfully so) cinematic. His style may be considered an early ‘street photography’. I was mesmerized to see how well he was able to take the perfect candids. Most of his subjects seem completely unaware that there was a camera and even when he worked in series of portraits for celebrities, the pictures appear completely natural and unposed.  One thing that is consistent through all of Kubrick’s pictures (and is why he know best for) is his technique of capturing human emotion. He snapped moments at the perfect time which gave the audience a story and a understanding of what was going on.

Here are two favorites from the exhibition:

I like this picture because of the light behind the subjects. It helps them stand out and it also adds a cinematic feel to the picture overall.  I also love the man’s expression of happiness and the way he sneaky looks at the camera.

This was my absolute favorite picture from the exhibition (I even bought a print!). This is a bit different of what a Kubrick photo is like because the subject is looking directly at the camera but at the same time it gives the feel that the moment was spontaneous.

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