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HW #3 Photoville


For me, Photoville was an incredible trip and gallery. The work was so diverse and didn’t censor or exclude minorities which is always good. From the photographers taking the pictures to the poc involved as the subject in them. The photos I chose to talk about all meant a lot to me. The first three are about Project Luz which I have heard about before and I think is an incredible organization that helps bring awareness to Latin and hispanic people and immigrants people in their art and awareness. The use of color in their photography is inspired by Hispanic culture and it reminds me of my own culture. The second set of photographs were from Asia based  photographers and their use of color was also bright but more vibrant and showed less contrast and it interested me while also feeling experimental and playful. The last photo is me and a photograph of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez because she’s a personal hero.


I honestly forgot about composition because I was dealing with hold the tripod, making sure my camera wasn’t going to fall, and the technical aspects like the shutter and f stop. I ended up with a lot of color and light and mostly focused on that. I tried zooming in and out with the second pic and moving my camera different ways.





For the light challenge it was interesting to see what the end results would be, since the lighting throughout the building was weak and unflattering to say the least. I wanted to focus more on the way the subjects interacted with the environment and lighting. For the first photo I wanted to focus on framing and so I used the window frame so the only light would be coming in from the center where the face was. For the second, we took turns standing near the light of the classroom to create a soft glow effect. The third I wanted to solely focus on the harsh white light coming from overhead to create a chiaroscuro effect. And on the editing I wanted to keep the mood and colors dull and mute to keep the pieces similar.



This assignment was difficult for me because of the camera along with the settings not working for me with the lighting. Aside from that, I tried to focus on lighting my subject to create contrast and add dimension to the photo. Using rule of thirds is common in my work so the last photo shows this.

HW 1

This photo by Adam Pretty is appealing to me because it tells a story and also is interesting to look at. The contrast between light and dark and the added color of blue and red make the skier separate from the stark white in the building. The use of framing is also visually appealing. The rule of thirds makes it an interesting photo to look at instead of having the skier in the center, it is pushed to the bottom third and left of the composition.