It’s been four months since I started my internship journey at Lydell NYC.  So far, the experience has been like a roller-coaster.  The excitement of the projects, fast-pace environment, meeting deadlines, failing, organization… a lot to get used to in a very little time. You never know what to expect,  sometimes the days are smooth and other days, it’s chaos.  Luckily, I’ve SURVIVED…thus far!

My self-evaluation is very eye-opening. I’ve realized that I am good at working under pressure and I have developed my time management skills (in the office).  I also have a tendency to over-think a lot of things and this affects working on projects in both a negative and positive way.  It’s time consuming, since I am always changing and being indecisive; I think I can always make improvements to my work but sometimes these last minute changes makes the outcome of the project even better, Fast Pace, Deadlines,Limited Time. I’ve been working with my Art Director; Russell closely when it becomes overwhelming.

I have being learning a lot from the Russell, his creative process and how to organize and develop my work better on each project.  Being a dual team and working in such a small design department, it really helps me concentrate on what I am learning and apply it to the work. Opposed to working with a large team and getting lost in the dust. Also,  this has really helped to magnify both my strengths and weaknesses.

I know there are a lot of areas I still need to work on. There were certain areas that were difficult to adapt to such as organization and teamwork since I’m used to working alone, as I mentioned in Organization and Teamwork. Such as having files saved and named in a way that is easier for others to access and naming Photoshop layers. The transition in this area has been most difficult for me.

Considering the small team and the work load, I see myself taking on every task handed and meeting each deadline. It feels good to be recognized by account executives and the owner of the company in meetings when my photographs are used on the website/blog and social media Ads.  I often think that there is always more I “should have done” to make something better (I’m my biggest critic) and not having as much confidence as I should, so this really boosts my confidence.



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