A little wisdom goes a long way

Since I’ve started Lydell NYC, I have been shadowing the art director, Russell Labosky. He has been a mentor and role model, who has thought me so much at the company about design, and even in my school projects as well. He has had the opportunity to work with the biggest name in the fashion industry for over a decade; Vogue. His work and creative process is truly inspirational.

Being a designer doesn’t just entail designing great work. (Shocker!) But, you have to know the business aspect of a company and navigating office politics. For example, how do you resolve disputes? How do you handle difficult clients, etc.  I’m talking about the things that they don’t teach us in college.  Just by listening and seeing how Russell handles different situations as a designer allows me to learn the best way to solve these situations whether it is design or office politics related.

The takeaway. Having a mentor helps you build the confidence and mindset you prepare and help build your career successfully.

Creativity is inspiring