The Future of Advertising


The Death of Advertising

The blog is featured on the Communication Arts site. Writer, Tommy Walker talks about the death of advertising and how it is changing and evolving into a whole new type of advertising in the future.

I really like how he explained and showed statistics in the reason to why the advertising we know is dying but a new type of advertising is emerging and evolving at the same time. It was interesting to see how advertising and eCommerce are becoming one unit in the examples he gave when searching for something on google and being able to purchase it right away with a click while still being on google, and other sites, like pinterest.  A project I am engaged in at Lydell NYC  relates very well to this article. We are currently in the process of creating ads that will be on Instagram and other social media sites, where when one of our products are tagged in an image or Ad, the viewer will instantly be able to purchase it and not leave the current page.

The idea of being able to click and purchase when streaming through your social media feed, videos, sites etc, is revolutionary to eCommerce providers and more demanding for advertising. It is amazing to see how far advertising has come and it’s exciting future. Something like this could be game changing.


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