Open to Change

Being the only Graphic Designer and Photography intern here at Lydell is both exciting and pressuring. The work load is extremely heavy.  As I mentioned before, there will be a lot of failures but hearing out all criticism with an open mind will help change designs to create better ones.

I am no stranger to criticism. In school, we go through critiques in almost every class. It’s what makes us better designers.  A lot of my projects are looked over by the Art Director, Russell, who always gives critiques on what works, what should be changed, and most importantly why.

A lot of my time is spent in the studio, shooting products for the website, blog, emails and social media.  After shooting, I edit down to the best selections. Then create a contact sheet which I hand over to Russell, the art director, who will then give me critiques to make it better, whether it’ll be a different crop suitable for the deliverable  or a different angle, exposure, layout…etc. Some times it means starting over from scratch or doing minor edits. Stressful! I know.

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The takeaway; critiques allow others to help, teach, and guide when there are weaknesses. So don’t take it personal.  Critiques are meant to improve output rather than hinder process. Being open to change, helps us to learn more than we expect. It has definitely improved my work so far.


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