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Currently, we are working on a photo layout spread for WPC’s quarterly magazine, the Collective Endeavor. I work along side other interns in an open workspace, where there are multiple computers. Sometimes we work in teams and collaborate on ideas. The first rough designs were critiqued by Lisa, and now I am working on finalizing those designs.

The photo spread is to inform readers of the press training sessions that they teach. This way, other organizations can visit and get their flyers, business cards, newsletter or whatever material printed. It’s also a good way to reach out throughout the community and get acquainted with different organizations.

I enjoy working with my teammates. We get along quite well, and always provide each other with new input or (constructive criticism). Working on the magazine has been both interesting and challenging. Creating illustrations for political articles can be frustrating at times. In this particular case, the interns split the work and we divide among our strong suits.

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I learn a lot from Lisa everyday and really look up to her, potentially as a mentor. She has so much knowledge and passion about the organization, but is willing to keep learning and teaching her methods. I always feel welcomed to ask as many questions and I am constantly learning from her, not necessarily in my area of study, but in overall life and world issues. I think it has been fascinating to me because I’ve always had a strong interest in political news and the media.

Even though my internship is coming to an end, I’ve told Lisa that I will continue to be a part of the Women’s Press Collective. I believe in their cause and would maintain a relationship with the organization.