“If you’re not moving forward, you are either standing still or worse, moving backwards…”

James Levin was a professional photographer who has always been a creative thinker. In 2007, he underwent eye surgery that changed the outcome of his career. The following year, the US experienced a financialĀ crisis. Levin took that year to re-evaluate his profession and what he wanted to do in life. He directed his focus towards talent and helping others. He became a career coach and assists job seekers inĀ building the confidence and skills needed to move forward inĀ the evolving world.

James has always kept his head in a good place, and throughout his many years in the field, he has gained practical knowledge and experience. His advice on succeeding and landing a good job boils down to having a good resume and cover letter.

The resume should include keywords from the actual job post, which makes your application more likely to be viewed. In addition to the resume, the cover letter is just as equally important. It should includeĀ personality and creativity. When the nerve-racking moment of the actual interview arrives, it is imperative that you have prepared yourself. Research is key in finding out about the company’s history and clients.

His guidance to help us move forward was extremely helpful. I was grateful that he took the time to visit my Internship class to share with us such useful tips. Tip that stood out –

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”Ā 

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