Throughout the several weeks I’ve been at my internship, I have learned so much already. Some of the information I am learning has no relation to my actual major, but I think is still useful in continuing to build on my character.

Over the last few years I have developed a different mindset that enjoys learning about pretty much anything. Despite the field or category, despite whether it will be beneficial to my current situation or career. The ongoing flow of any kind of knowledge has only made my mind stronger and has opened me up to a broader perspective.

About a month ago, on my first day, during orientation, I was introduced to ‘Frankie,’ the printing press. We encountered many problems while printing a flyer for WPC. After two sessions of print training, it was now my turn to teach others, and pass on the knowledge that I had learnt.

Today, an organization from New Jersey came in for a print training session to create their very own flyer. I assisted in burning the plate with their flyer design and taught them the basic functions of the press. When we encountered minor problems along the way, I pitched in ideas on what could be done differently, or perhaps what part needed to be adjusted. I would always try to refer back to the first day and the difficulties that we stumbled upon.

Frankie requires a lot of patience, but once he starts cooperating, it’s smooth sailing from there on out. It was a successful job and the NJ organization left with about 800 copies.