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At the Women’s Press Collective, the atmosphere is very friendly and casual. On a typical day at the office, I arrive around 10AM, where there’s always freshly made coffee!!!! Usually my supervisor is there already, along with 2 or 3 full-time volunteers. We do a quick brief in the morning to cover what tasks need to be completed, which varies from day to day.

My attire is usually informal while at the office, but business causal when assisting during literature tables, which is when we set up tables at a planned location to spread the word about the organization. Recently we did a table at City Tech, which turned out to be pretty successful. It was my first time participating in a literature table, so I observed as Lisa Daniell, Operations Manager and visiting European Correspondent – Natalie, spoke with students about the organization. After a few minutes it was my turn. They printed out a pitch that I could follow along and become familiar with. We had a lot of curious students who supported our mission and I was fortunate enough to get a couple of them to sign up to volunteer.

Every day varies when it comes to design tasks. We were recently working on sketching ideas for their holiday cards. This particular assignment was a bit tricky, simply because (for me, at least) everything I learned in my design classes were thrown out the window. There were specific instructions and dimensions that were given. It was a 2-color print design and had to be relatable for all races and religions. The whole elements- of- design-process had to be simplified. I’m not much of a drawer -(more like coding and designing logos on illustrator). However, I adapted and did my part without a single complaint.

Some of my sketches:


Usually 12PM is lunch time , except for Saturdays, which is at 1:30PM. We all gather around the kitchen table and catch up on world news, or discuss our thoughts on topics that are not being covered by the media. I love this time, because I find out about so many things that I never knew of. Of course it isn’t always such intense topics. We lighten the environment with laughter and joking around a lot. After lunch, there’s fresh coffee, AGAIN!!!!! Major plus! Then we all help to pitch in with clean-up, and back to work. I normally leave around 2PM, because I have to be at work for 3:15PM.