I usually don’t go to my internship on Sundays, but today was an exception. Since Natalie was still visiting from Switzerland, they put together a little presentation showing images of the European and U.S. tour of the film, “Power of the Weak,” that took place over the summer.

The film is based on Cuban-born Jorge a.k.a Jorgito, who was born with cerebral- palsy. The film also showcases the life in Cuba and talks about the free education and health care system that they provide for their citizens. Jorge was able to meet others who had similar disabilities and prove that with constant treatment and the determination to push forward, you can overcome all odds. Jorge was told by doctors that he would not be able to walk or talk, but he never gave up, and is now able to share his incredible story. He walks, talks and has even earned a college degree.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but learning about Cuba has been very fascinating. There were a few members of WPC who came by to view the presentation. It’s always nice to meet others and hear about how they first got involved with WPC. Before I left that evening, I was given a copy of their magazine issue that covered the tour.