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I was disappointed not to have heard back from any of the positions I applied to and my patience was beginning to wear thin. This week I made an account with Internships.com and applied to a few positions on their site. Many openings were full-time, but since I work part-time my options were limited.

The stress & frustration we’re slowly building. There were nights when I would be applying to positions at 2AM. I took advantage of every spare minute I had, and kept searching for new opportunities.

Some companies that I’ve applied to were, New York Minute Magazine, Left Forum, Press4Kids, PM+CO Inc, Ramac Solutions, Tech Row and Emporia Entertainment.

There was a small glimmer of hope when I received an email from New York Minute Magazine regarding more information towards my portfolio. I was grateful to hear back from the company and look forward to hearing more or perhaps a future interview. Until then, I will be continuing my search for open positions.