Our briefing for today was fairly simple and straightforward. For the morning half-day we were to continue working on the magazine photo spread. During lunch, we watched a film entitled, “The Power of the Weak.” The film features, Cuban-born Jorge, or Jorgito who was born with severe cerebral palsy. Doctors predicted that he would not be able to walk and have difficulty talking. But with the determination of his parents and Jorgito’s positive spirit, he is now able to walk, talk and has even earned himself a college degree.

The film is very important and holds great significance to WPC, because they were closely involved in the touring of the film, both here in the US and also in Europe. The film covers topics about Cuba’s free health care and education system, which had such a vital role in Jorgito’s life in helping him become the person that he is today. My supervisor showed the film due to Fidel Castro’s passing.

I thought the film was so moving and inspiring. It was informative in learning about Cuba’s revolution and how life really is there, rather than how it is portrayed in the media. German film-maker, Tobias did an excellent job portraying Jorgito’s life struggles that ultimately lead the way to his accomplishments and success in life. The film was brought to WPC’s attention by Natalie, European Correspondant. Natalie, with the help of Tobias and WPC was able to get the funds to get Jorgito to Germany for a film festival, and then later in the US to share his story.