United Federation Of Teachers










Working with the United Federation Of Teachers has been an interesting experience. In my 2 weeks of working here, I’ve gotten a taste of what it is like working for real clients. Gone are the relaxed, flexible project hours during my time at school. I’ve asked to do projects in under two hours. I’ve adapted to working with tight time constraints and I can say it’s helped me a lot.



The work I do is for UFT’s Printing and and Mail Department located on 52 Broadway LES. They primarily work on creating physical print media for the UFT. I was given a tour around the department and was introduced to all of the machinery used for print. They were founded on March 16, 1960 and were created in order to combat the unjust working conditions of teachers.



In recent news regarding what they stand for, the UFT has successfully created a campaign that boosts teacher’s choice funding according to their official website. Because of this campaign, schools will receive more funding with a more optimal budget in order to secure more programs for our classrooms. UFT has impacted and made a huge difference in the school environment. They also have successfully fought and prevented layoffs according to their separate news article on their website.

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