Role Models





During my time working for the United Federations of Teachers, I’ve met a lot of people in the field. I consider many people there as a role model/mentor. One of the coworkers there has been teaching me how the machinery works and how to take care of it. I’ve been taught how to laminate, use a DI machine, Epson Printers, and how to take care of them. He also does the graphic design so has a very good skill set.

It’s always fun and it keeps me busy doing something other then the design work. I feel like I expanded my skill set working here at UFT. it really opened my eyes and even made me consider getting into print production. Overall I really enjoyed my time here at UFT.


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I was nervous at first, but that quickly changed when i got to know everyone in the print production industry for UFT.  I quickly made friends and fine tuned my communication skills.  During my last day working here the print master took me to see the print production section in the stock exchange. It was nice being able to see how different people work in other professional environments and compare. I miss working there. it was a really pleasant experience.